One-on-One Guided Meditation

These sessions are effective for people either looking to begin, or deepen, into an embodied meditation practice. My style of meditation is influenced by many traditions but primarily is derived from a Tibetan Buddhist lineage of somatic meditation that emphasizes releasing stored constrictions and working with the subtle energy body. My specialty is guiding people in practices that invite healing through experiencing a deeper, sacred connection with their body, their core self, and life. 


The Ritual

The Ritual is a 12 week mentorship program for people wanting support in establishing a regular meditation practice. In this program you'll receive guided meditations and specific recommendations to help you create a daily meditation practice and a sacred space, including an altar and the appropriate meditation cushion for you.  

This program includes: 

  • six 45 minute individual live guided meditations including recordings to practice at home

  • two 45-60 minute design sessions where we will discuss the ABC's of setting up your own personal meditation space. 

  • Weekly email contact with questions and answers 



About Sessions with Vanessa

"Vanessa has nurtured my being, my truest self, allowing me to reach beyond my resistance to evolution. It’s an empowering experience to feel the guidance and mentorship of one who can meet you where you are at, and encourage growth, bringing you up to where you can be, and beyond!” – Esther Rosen
"Vanessa’s style offers a unique blend of wisdoms – her spiritual awareness and keen intuition coupled with her training in Western psychology and Eastern philosophy provide a creative and synergistic approach toward problem solving. Her gifts are many – compassion, insight, the art of deep listening, humor, joy, vitality, strength. If you are ready to give yourself the gift of self discovery and are willing to brave all that comes with it – working with Vanessa will be an incredible adventure." - Jeanne Atkin
“Vanessa is one of those people who sees the true and inner you right away. Her beauty, warmth, wisdom, love and compassionate energy radiate from the inside out and into your being. She opened me up to the worlds both within myself and beyond this world that I had trouble coming to terms with. Vanessa has brought me love, inner peace and closer to Spirit." - Juliana Bolnick

About Classes with Vanessa

“Simply put, the class blew my hair back. Social media is clogged with feel-good primers on how best to achieve peace and tranquility, yet few teachers delve into the mind science of this process… Her systematic, down-to-earth, humorous approach is hugely inspirational, because it inspires you to begin your own unique journey to self-awareness and inner peace” -Beverly Murray
“Vanessa’s a one of a kind rare gem, she delivers her truth, wisdom and knowledge with such grace and rawness, it’s like a punch of lily flowers to the chest. When she speaks I listens, because she is guiding me on a journey of transformational and healing.” – Pablo Lucero
“That was amazing !! Looking forward for more. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!”- Anais Shakira Benoudiz

To learn more about my approach visit my Resource page for articles, audio interviews, and sample classes. To read more Testimonials please visit the home page here. 



What are the costs? 

Sliding Scale Fees per session: 

  • Underemployed: $135

  • Employed: $150

  • Comfortably Employed: $165

The total costs for The Ritual is $1200.00 


Each session is approximately 55 minutes in length via Skype or FaceTime. Most sessions take place between 9 am- 7:00 pm EST Tuesday- Friday. Special considerations on alternate hours or in person visits are given on an individual basis. 


To set up an appointment or for more info please email me at Please select your own fee and prepay prior to session at